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Friday, July 22, 2005

Internet SMS

Recently, it dawned upon me that it's possible for friends overseas to send us SMS free of charge... (I think I'm a bit slow, but...) Ok, fret not, these are the links to start sending!

Singtel Internet SMS service
Each mobile customer can receive up to 20 free SMSes per day, but cant reply.

M1 Internet SMS Service
Mobile customers who receive internet SMSes are charged 10.5¢ for each message received. Up to 40 SMSes per day. I wouldn't want to receive this service unless during an emergency if I were an M1 customer.

Starhub's WebSMS Service
No information is given regarding whether the service is free for the receiver. Any Starhub user wants to clarify? There's an option for the receiver to reply though, at StarHub's existing outgoing SMS rate of 5.2 cents for each reply.

Monday, July 18, 2005

绝对 Superstar - 韩国影星版

绝对 Superstar,有你就有他!


M1 : 权相宇


M2 : 金在元


M3 : 其他 -- 请注明

Haha, Super boliao... :p

BTW, 女生版 is a walkover, given the limited number of Korean shows I've watched (not more than 4, to be exact).

and the winner is... ...

全智贤 from My Sassy Girl.


女星版的 Superstar walkover 遭到抗议,并非没在意料之中。就让我们看看这位较为受落的女星是谁吧。

她就是... ...



Sunday, July 17, 2005

Most Ulu Places in Singapore - Open for Suggestions

This is coming from the walking street directory a.k.a. avid street directory reader a.k.a me: i am planning to do a short writeup on the ulu-est (if there's such a word) places in Singapore end next month. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated, pls send ur suggestions and ideas to my hotmail or yahoo account :) hehe...

Friday, July 15, 2005

Interesting Names

Let's take a look at the story behind Fann's on-screen moniker.

Source: The Electric New Paper

Pardon, what's your name again?
By Chang May Choon

02 March 2004

WHEN F4's Vanness Wu was here recently for movie promotions, a curious reporter stood up and asked: 'Were your parents hoping for a girl to call Vanessa when they had you?' Vanness chuckled - though he's probably heard the question a zillion times.

For the record, the American-born star did not choose it himself.

It was his parents who named him after a road in Los Angeles, known as Van Ness.

But, at least his unique name has made many people sit up and take note.

Welcome to the world of Asian showbiz, where some celebrities pick the most bizarre names for themselves.

What's a walking road sign when compared to, say, Noodle, Jingle, and Shooky?

Is it just bad English? Or do these ludicrous names have logical explanations?

Here we try to unearth the stories behind every unique celebrity name.


Seems like weird names run in Taiwanese boy bands.

Besides F4's Vanness, there's also Energy's Milk, Comic Boyz's Kingone and Shone, and K-One's Kido.

Milk, or Niu Nai in Mandarin, is named after his favourite beverage, and has fair skin to go with his moniker.

Kingone's moniker is a play on his Chinese name Wang Chuan Yi. Wang means king, and Yi is one.

As for Shone and Kido, we can only hope they're not spelling errors.


The Fans in showbiz are a creative bunch when it comes to choosing English names.

Taiwanese balladeer Fan Yi-chen, for one, picked Van (yes, as in the vehicle), simply because it rhymes with his surname.

Award-winning Taiwanese actor Fan Zhi-wei, however, calls himself Wing, after his favourite actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai's character in the 1996 movie, Blind Romance.

Right here in Singapore, we have a Fan who is known by her surname in English.

Fann Wong, or Fan Wen-fang in Mandarin, was originally known as Fann Woon Fong.

But she made her debut as a model with just her surname, Fann. Some Singaporeans mixed her up with another model, Fawn Wong, and she's been known as Fann Wong since.

Incidentally, Wong is also her mum's surname.


Beside Energy's Milk, Channel U's Apple Hong also named herself after her favourite food. Apple, that is.

So, does it mean Fish Leong loves fish?

Nah. The Malaysian singer calls herself Fish because that's what people call her in Cantonese.

Her name is pronounced Zheng-yu, and people always call her Ah Yu affectionately. Yu means fish in Cantonese.


Directors, too, have unusual names. Consider Jingle Ma, Fruit Chen and Oxide Pang.

Jingle said he got his name from colleagues at the hair salon where he used to work - 'everyone said I was too talkative, like jingle bells'.

Fruit is a direct translation of his Chinese name Chen Guo. Guo means fruit.

And Oxide, whose Chinese name is Pang Shun, named himself after the gaseous element he learnt about in chemistry class.


Is it Ekin, Noodle, Dior or Eric Cheng? This Hong Kong movie star has changed his English name more often than he did his hair style.

Ekin is adapted from his Chinese name Yee Kin. He's also nicknamed Noodle, as Yee Kin sounds like a type of Chinese noodle, yi meen.

Dior reportedly came about when his baby sister mispronounced 'yi gor', or second brother in Cantonese.

There's also talk that it was his hairdresser who suggested the name.

As for Eric, that's supposedly the name that appears in the US versions of his movies.

He's not alone though.

Malaysian actress-singer Lee Sin Je also can't seem to decide on her English name.

Once she called herself Jet, after her favourite gongfu star Jet Li. More recently, she gave herself the name Angelica. Now she's just Lee Sin Je.

Tommy Su of Little Tigers, changed his name to mark an image change. Now that he's gone solo, he's known as Alec.

Soft-porn star Loletta Lee has also switched to the more tame Rachel.


As if being sexy is not enough, some soft-porn actresses need unique names too. Chingmy Yau Suk Ching comes to mind, as well as Shooky Kwan Sau Mei.

They've been known by these one-of-its-kind monikers since 1987, when both joined the Miss Hong Kong pageant.


SOME English names are so common - and may we add, boring - that one hand isn't enough to count.

Two Andys: Lau, the Heavenly King and Hui, the Heavenly King wannabe.

Two Stephens: Chow makes us laugh. Fung makes us swoon.

Two Joeys: Wong, the retired Taiwanese screen queen of the '80s, and rumoured triad princess Yung.

Two Kellys: Lin, the sexy bombshell and Chen, the ice queen.

Two Tony Leungs: Chiu Wai with the smouldering eyes and Kar Fai with the rubber face.

Two Gigis: Boyfriend snatcher Leung and pretty dimples Lai.

Two Anitas: Yuen is still going strong but Mui just left us forever.

Two Lawrences: Ng, the beanstalk television actor and Chou, the beanstalk singer.

Three Jerrys: Cute dimples Yan of Meteor Garden, Eurasian-looking Huang of The Rose, and Star Search bad boy Chang

Four Jacky/ies: There's a Jacky/Jackie for every showbiz category. Chan in gongfu flicks, Cheung in music, Wu in television variety shows and Lui in TVB dramas.

Five Michelles: Bond girl Yeoh, ex-beauty queen Reis, local Lux girl Chia, Meteor Garden star Saram, and former Channel U artiste Chong.


HIS name is Zzen. It's pronounced Zen, and not Ze-zen.

And no matter how many times he has to explain his unique name, the Channel 8 actor will gladly do it.

'It's not troublesome at all. I take it as a chance to introduce myself to more people,' he chirpily told The New Paper.

So, why add the extra Z?

He said it's because he already has two Zs in his Chinese name, Zhang Zhenxiang.

'If it's just Zen, it's like there's something missing. That's why I have double Zs,' he added.

The Kuala Lumpur-born Star Search alumnus said he changed his English name only after he moved to Singapore to join MediaCorp in 2001.

To many friends back home, the 25-year-old is still good old Davic.

It's adapted from the name David, which he thought was too common.

'Some of them still call me Davic, but I'll always remind them to call me Zzen instead.'

Besides Zzen, other unusual local celebrity names include Ix Shen and Hossan Leong.

Ix named himself after the Roman numeral for nine, which was his volleyball jersey number back in secondary school.

Hossan's name comes from 'Hosanna', a standard shout of praise to God. It was chosen by his parents.

He said he's been mistaken for Indonesian, and some people have called him Hassan.

As for Apple Hong, 26, her unusual name came about not only because it's her favourite fruit.

It's also because her childhood nickname was Hong Ping Guo (Mandarin for red apple), as her name was then Hong Yi-ping.

She changed her name to Hong Yi-xin last year under the advice of a geomancer.

'Sometimes when I introduce myself as Apple, people will laugh and say, 'Hi, I'm your good friend Orange.',' she said.

'But it's easy to remember, and it's suitable for me because I give people the feeling of an apple - I'm happy and cheerful. And my face is also shaped like an apple!'


Some celebrity names are not unusual - just so rarely used that we forget they exist. Chen Liping, for one, was also Joyce Chen in her early days. Huang Biren used to be Pat Huang.

Faye Wong was Shirley when she first started out, and Fung Bo Bo is also Petrina. And Lin Ching-hsia, before she retired, was known as both Brigitte and Venus.

Thursday, July 14, 2005



曲:陈伟 词:林夕

想起我不完美 你会不会 逃离我生命的范围
想着你的滋味 我会不会 把这个枕头 变得甜美

想起白天的约会 忘了晚上的咖啡
只怕感情如潮水 远离我梦中的堡垒

一个人失眠 全世界失眠 无辜的街灯 守候明天
幸福的失眠 只是因为害怕闭上眼
如何想你想到六点 如何爱你爱到终点

想起我的时候 你会不会 好像我一样 不能睡
想象你的暖昧 我会不会 数不到绵羊 一双一对

想起白天的约会 忘了晚上的咖啡
只怕感情如潮水 远离我梦中的堡垒

一个人失眠 全世界失眠 无辜的街灯 守候明天
幸福的失眠 只是因为害怕闭上眼

一个人失眠 全世界失眠
幸福的失眠 只是因为害怕闭上眼
如何想你想到六点 如何爱你爱到终点

Friday, July 08, 2005

终结篇:久违了,Ah Hong

相信朋友们都很关心 Ah Hong 的动态,他到底为什么失踪?

现在就让我们听 Ah Hong 自己说。

“大哥以为我被熊百韬绑架了,其实他忘了熊百韬已经在第 22 集被 Sabrina 下金水毒害了。Anyway,不提这个了。人家九五至尊都播完了,现在流行的是谈判专家!”

“我之所以请了几天假,是因为有重要的事要办。你要如何想象,堂堂的 Ah Hong 督察竟然可以少了他的秘密武器?”



“你瞧, 神奇吧!”

“不过,为什么还是无法遮住我的额头呢?唉... ...”

Thursday, July 07, 2005

NDP site

National Day is coming. Here's some goodies:

Offical NDP Website

No prizes for guessing my favourite section of this site--the past and present NDP songs downloads! Just click on "Songs" under "Communicate" in the left menu, and then click on the past NDP multimedia link at the bottom of the page.

Lalalalalala lalalalala (hmm... tt doesn't sound like an NDP song. Guess what song it is, if you are free :p)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's London for 2012

It's official -- London had won the 2012 Olympics bid in SINGAPORE. Surprised? I can imagine some of you saying, "I knew it!"

Round 1:
London 22 votes
Paris 21
Madrid 20
New York 19
Moscow 15

No winning majority. Moscow had to bow out.

Round 2:
Madrid 32
London 27
Paris 25
New York 16

Madrid got most of Moscow supporters' votes. Guess people who favour Moscow should be unlikely to favour New York. New York was eliminated.

Round 3:
London 39
Paris 33
Madrid 31

US had declared its support for London's bid previously. Perhaps that was why the votes that originally went to New York were swayed to London's side.
Madrid, despite being the dark horse in this race, had to leave the competition to the two hot favourites.

Final round:
London 54
Paris 50

What was the report about, a London-Madrid alliance? A close shave for London, which also spelled a narrow miss for Paris, which had submitted the best report and won accolades before the final presentation today.

BTW, i was looking forward to the 2 minutes of fame that Singapore would garner from its specially-produced video that was "not going to be like your normal NDP video" (did somebody actually said that, or did I imagine it myself? anyway, that's supposed to be the gist of the organiser's words). It was a laudable endeavour, I think, and it would be even better had it not been followed immediately by Paris' clip, which was really very impressive, next to London's.

Let's hope that more people would know and want to find out more about Singapore after it has hosted such a high profile event.

Who will win Olympics 2012 bid?

Due to technical contraints, the story of Ah Hong will resume later (until I solve my tech problem).

1980: Moscow, Los Angeles --> winner: Moscow

1984: --> Los Angeles

1988: Nagoya, Seoul --> winner: Seoul

1992: Amsterdam, Belgrade, Birmingham, Brisbane, Paris, Barcelona --> winner: Barcelona

1996: Athens, Belgrade, Manchester, Melbourne, Toronto, Atlanta --> winner: Atlanta

2000: Sydney, Manchester, Berlin, Istanbul, Beijing --> winner: Sydney

2004: Athens, Rome, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Stockholm --> winner: Athens

2008: Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, Osaka, Beijing --> winner: Beijing

2012: Paris, New York, Moscow, London, Madrid --> winner: your take?